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Eligible Industries

Creating bespoke programs or applications which innovate and develop a companies systems.
Bridge two systems (or more) together enhancing a companies performance.
Designing a platform for training or customers to access secure information.

Software, Data AI & Integrated Systems - R&D tax credits

Developing connected wearable devices to monitor vital signs.
Creating cheaper and stronger prosthetics.
Designing non-irritant, long-lasting adhesive patches for medical devices.

Counting King Heath and Social Care R&D tax credits

Developing a remote-controlled mining technology.
Creating a biomining bacteria.
Improving the efficiency of an excavating machine.

Counting King Heath and Social Care R&D tax credits

Developing more environmentally friendly pesticides.
Utilising existing technologies, such as drones, to improve the efficiency of routine processes.
Creating a method to optimise crop yield.

Counting King Agriculture fishing R&D tax Credits


Creating a fully compostable range of wipes.
Developing a new method of waterproofing a material.
Implementing automated systems to speed up production.

Electricity, Gas, Steam & Air Conditioning - R&D

Improving efficiency of lighting installations.
Developing a smart electric vehicle unit to improve charge time.
Designing a more environmentally friendly battery.

Construction - R&D

Developing a method of making buildings more resistant to earthquakes, storms and other natural events.
Improving the energy efficiency of a building.
Increasing the durability of materials that protect the exterior of a building.

Wholesale & Retail Trade, Repairs - R&D

Creating an e-commerce platform that provides a more personalised experience.
Adapting cameras to identify gender, age and height to display personalised adverts.
Implementing an automated system to optimise stock management.

Transport & Storage - R&D

Developing a precise logistical tracking platform.
Creating more environmentally friendly packaging.
Implementing an efficient way of recycling pallets.

Real Estate - R&D

Adapting VR to enable the showcasing of property.
Developing more efficient heat retention technologies.
Creating a platform that connects landlords with tenants to improve property management.

Accommodation & Food - R&D

Developing “free from” recipes.
Designing machinery to automate the production of food.
Implementing new flavours to subsequently develop unique taste profiles for chocolate.

Water Sewage & Waste - R&D

Developing an improved biological filter.
Creating a fire and corrosion resistant flood defence door.
Designing an innovative odour suppression unit for sewage works.

Financial& Insurance - R&D

Creating telematic technology to reduce insurance premiums.
Developing a new automated marketplace for renewable energy assets.
Designing a power management device to optimise energy consumption and minimise utility bills.

Professional Scientific & Technical - R&D

Developing a unique paint, able to adhere in unpredictable environments.
Consolidating a range of unique insecticides into a single product.
Utilising CRISPER to achieve new gene splices.

Information & Communication - R&D

Developing a unique CMS platform.
Improving IT infrastructure security by integrating new technologies.
Creating and optimising an innovative AI to oversee an e-commerce platform.

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